Canadian Jon Cornish has played well enough to make

Canadian Jon Cornish has played well enough to make

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The Calgary Stampeders appear to be at a crossroads on the offensive side of the ball. . Canadian Jon Cornish has played well enough to make Joffrey Reynolds watch from the sidelines. And now Drew Tate is getting the start at quarterback over last years Most Outstanding Player, Henry Burris. In a quarterback-driven league, that is a bold move to make, especially when the Stampeders are in the midst of trying to win the West Division and get home-field advantage. Do you agree with the call? Who would you start at quarterback in Calgary? Henry Burris has enjoyed a great CFL career that started in 1998. After two seasons with the Stampeders, he had a breakthrough campaign with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2000, passing for over 4,600 yards and 30 touchdowns. He parlayed that season into a short stint with the NFLs Chicago Bears before returning to Riderville in 2003. The following year, he eclipsed the 4,000-yard barrier for a second time, a mark that he has reached every season since. Theres no question he is a great quarterback. Even this season, the 36-year-old Burris was well on his way to another 4,000-yard season but the Stampeders have suffered two straight losses and are in danger of facing a difficult road to the Grey Cup. Last weeks upset at the hands of the Toronto Argonauts saw Burris get pulled from the game late in the first half with less-than-stellar statistics: 6-11 passing for 65 yards, two interceptions and a -3.6 quarterback rating. Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel decided to make the move to go with Tate and it almost paid off in a victory. With the score 21-6 in favour of the Argos, the 28-year-old Tate not only sparked the offence but he almost pulled out the win, completing 19 of 28 passes for 263 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. With that turn of events, it was no surprise that the dreaded words quarterback controversy were uttered after the game. And when Hufnagel declared Tate the starter for Fridays game, it only raised the level of discussion. Loyalty is always a touchy subject when it comes to professional sports. Do you stick with the starter through thick and thin in hopes it pays off in the end? After all, the Stampeders are already in the playoffs and this isnt Burris first rodeo. Or do you go with the guy you think gives you the best chance to win this week at the risk of irking the starter. "I always feel I should be out there," said Burris after learning of the decision. "I think Ive earned that right to be out there and thats something I feel I shouldnt even have to talk about, but it was the coachs decision and Im a team guy." Judging by that quote, Burris understands both sides of the situation. And both sides of the situation are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Burris could start again this season and lead the Stampeders to the Grey Cup; Tate could struggle on Friday and you still have a solid 1-2 punch heading into the playoffs. Having said that, first place is not out of the question so a win this week could go a long way toward securing home playoff dates. And that makes this decision a tough one. On the one hand, you have a perennial MOP candidate in Burris who has won a Grey Cup title, a 36-year-old veteran who has been a model of consistency since arriving in Calgary seven seasons ago. On the other hand, you have an up-and-comer in Tate that the organization believes can be successful, a 28-year-old backup who signed a contract extension at the end of last season and may be ready to take the reins. So who do you think should start for the Stampeders? Its Your! Call. . The men, a Colombian and a Venezuelan, were detained Sunday in a car with several other people in the town of Moron, not far from where Ramos was held captive, national investigative police chief Humberto Ramirez told reporters. Cassius Marsh Kids Jersey . Cox was one of San Diegos big free agent acquisitions a year ago, signing a four-year contract for about $20 million, with about $10 million guaranteed.SURREY, B.C. -- Thomas DeMarco is grateful to get another chance to lead the B.C. Lions. Now its up to him to show he deserves it. The second-year quarterback has had his share of ups and downs since taking over from injured starter Travis Lulay five weeks ago. He led the Lions to back-to-back road wins in his first two CFL starts, but has struggled the last three games -- all losses to division rivals. Still, the Lions will go with DeMarco again when they host the Edmonton Eskimos on Friday night. "Youre going to have tough things youre going to push through and the fact that I got the nod, it means a lot to me," DeMarco said after Tuesdays practice. "I want to work through my difficulties, as any quarterback would like to, and Im happy that I got that opportunity." The product of Old Dominion University did a good job of managing the ball in his first two starts, completing 39-of-65 passes for 435 yards and four touchdowns against no interceptions. In B.C.s three straight losses -- including Saturdays 35-14 blowout in Regina at the hands of the Saskatchewan Roughriders -- DeMarco was a pedestrian 49-for-95 passing for 677 yards to go along with four TDs and eight picks. And while Lions head coach Mike Benevides agreed DeMarco hasnt been at his best of late, he added that the 24-year-old gives his team the best chance to win. "Right now Thomas is still the guy that takes the first snap because hes shown an ability to make those plays," said Benevides. "Theres been some regression, but any young guy is going to go through tough times, especially at the quarterback position. "If you ask any quarterback, theyre going to ask to fight through those things and appreciate the fact they were given the opportunity." Lulay, who has been out with an injury to his throwing shoulder since Sept. 15 and was originally expected to only miss two weeeks, performed a bit of soft toss on the sidelines during Tuesdays practice but nothing more. Justin Britt Blue Jersey. "Im kind of at the mercy of the symptoms," said Lulay. "I push it to where I know I need shut it down and hope to continue to progress." The Lions (9-7) host the Eskimos (3-13) on Friday in a game that means nothing in the standings, but a lot to the teams psyche. B.C. is locked into the West Divisions third seed with two games remaining, and will be on the road to face either Saskatchewan or the Calgary Stampeders when the post-season begins. If the Lions are going to make any noise in the playoffs, two strong outings to close out the regular season will be critical. "I want us to go out there and play like we know we can," said DeMarco, who threw four interceptions against the Roughriders. "Weve put quarters together, weve put halves together (but) we havent put a whole game together. Im sure if were able to do that well turn some heads." If they dont, its not like Benevides is out of options if DeMarco continues to struggle and Lulay remains on the shelf. Buck Pierce, a member of the Lions from 2005 to 2010, was acquired from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last month as an insurance policy. The 31-year-old has seen limited action in his return to B.C., but said he will be ready if called upon. Benevides doesnt want to have to make that move, but added the time is now for DeMarco to step up after a disappointing performance against Saskatchewan. "Its important and critical for us and for him to make sure that when he goes against the Edmonton Eskimos, he shows right off the top that hes learned from it, hes focused and he has the ability and the capability to understand where the offence asks him to put the ball -- thats his job," said Benevides. "Its vital, not only for us but for him, to get it right." ' ' '
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Re: Canadian Jon Cornish has played well enough to make

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Re: Canadian Jon Cornish has played well enough to make

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Re: Canadian Jon Cornish has played well enough to make

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Re: Canadian Jon Cornish has played well enough to make

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Re: Canadian Jon Cornish has played well enough to make

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Re: Canadian Jon Cornish has played well enough to make

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