New site

New site

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Started untrodden web project
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distress, it is only those who can understand the pain of others can do, not just sympathy and comfort others, he was able to understand and share the pain of others. Everyone has their own life, a life like others can not comprehend.So, in the absence of another human being into the world, do not tinker with people's life to appreciate others conversation will increase our eloquence; appreciate the generosity of others, will open our mind; to appreciate other people's charity, will purify our hearts. Appreciate others is actually a little less picky, a little more confidence; a little more enthusiasm, a little less cold; a little more bottom, a little less contempt. Enjoy a little more, conflicts and misunderstandings will certainly be less, the distance between people will be a little closer. You can detour to go straight is smart, because he found a shortcut; able to walk straight road bends is open-minded, because he saw more than a few views. Make yourself happy at the same time make others old, no matter how time goes by, to hold that the hearts of the spring season. In fact, we want happiness have been in.I was thinking: Life is a story, or an accident? Young, always thought that a problem can be only one answer. After experiencing many came to understand: In fact, life in every problem has numerous solutions, but none of them is absolutely right. Do not change for anyone, just because you want to change. No person deserves your change for him, care about you, they will accept your original look. Each person has their own living law, we do not need to copy someone else's life. Some people surface scenery, secretly do not know How many tears; some people seem life distress, people may actually nice chic happy. Well there is no standard answer, happy and more than one way. Recover envious eyes of others, I myself heart of it.Your favorite day is the best day; they like living, is the best method of living. Forgot your goals, will lose the way forward; forget their responsibilities, will lose momentum trek; forget their promises, we will lose the respect of others; forget their identity, will lose a man's sense of proportion; forget their obligations, will help people lose; only forget their success yesterday, it helps to get tomorrow's victory. Not tinker with someone else's life, especially not casually mention someone else's happy is wisdom, to bring their own unpleasant emotions of others is folly. Do not always complain about life owes you anything, life actually do not know who you are. Not make life difficult thing, only make life difficult for the mood.Indeed it is, a lot of things we make life difficult for the reason why is because our hearts does not fit, such as being deceived retaliation fit, fit to be ironic resentment, were criticized face fit. Most people only care about themselves and do not indulge in things that bring a happy mood. In fact, about as long as the mood changed, the world is completely different. The love a person, a woman will give birth to more heart, more fear, will leave no stone unturned day catch him. The love a person, contented man relieved himself and then
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